There are certain things that will stand the test of time, things that are universally understandable and accepted. And in the fashion/style game, it is terms such as Casual, Smart Casual and Sportswear etc.

To start off, we are introducing the ‘Sports Casual’ dress code. It’s a mix of sportswear and casual clothes and some would argue that it’s simply ‘Smart Casual’, but with such focus on the statement sports pieces (in this case the Nike trainers), the word ‘sports’ needed exclusive love. With this shoot we style up some looks with some classic Nike sneaker styles, showing you a variety of ways in which you can sport them (no pun intended). So gain some Sports Casual inspiration, throw away your tracksuits bottoms and just do it (again, no pun intended).

Boat shoes are a summer staple. You should own a pair already. Nike created a sneaker/shoe hybrid that looks the shit called Mad Jibe. Its perforated style adds a little more intrigue and when paired with nautical colours, this is a clean, no fuss look. We made the look by teaming them with a fresh white T-shirt, topped with a plain navy fitted sleeveless cardigan and some Tom Ford glasses. Also, the red chino shorts and a charity shop brown leather vintage belt breaks the colours up. Remember! No socks lads, even if your legs are as hairy as mine.

These Nike Air Max are a classic and they’ve been recently re-released with better tech, (not that I really care, lol). The key with this look is that the trainers are clean. A grey cashmere crew-neck sweater underneath a sleeveless denim biker jacket provide that urban cool. The camel denims lighten up the feel and adds a contrast to the denim top (a mix of blue denims would be as wrong as this backpack) and the rose belt is thrown in for its similar colour palette to the sneakers.

Too much colour co-ordination can look amateur, but we felt that the purple was subtle enough to run with. We highlighted it with the lilac cardigan and although it’s not an exact colour match, it’s enough to show you’ve made the effort. The grey cords provide the neutral bottom half and a classic cropped leather jacket is a no brainer; you can’t really go wrong. With the white T as the base layer, it helps the cardigan stand out a little bit more.

The high cut style is perfect for it. We layered a grey cardigan with a sleeveless denim jacket, used a thick casual belt adds some weight to the look and it works well with the leather bag. The maroon chinos stop us going down the monochromatic look while highlighting the sneakers too.