Great Deals for Your Eye Care Now

There are several techniques that can make your mind flawless, whenever you want. Read also: How to get rid of bags under the eyes:

Top-3 folk recipe

In a dream put your head higher

Choose a high pillow so you will improve the outflow of liquids from the tissues. This trick will help to avoid redness and swelling. It is important not to overdo it – you should be comfortable, do not sleep on a too huge and uncomfortable pillow.

Mini gymnastics for the eyes

While working at the computer, take small breaks. It takes only 2-3 minutes to hold such a gym. Sit on a chair and relax. Breathe in air and tilt your head to the left. On exhalation, return it to its original position and do the same with the slope to the right. Repeat the slopes at least 3-5 times, and after the exercise, close your eyes and draw a figure eight times. It relaxes and gives strength. For the Eye Care this is important.

Massage with cold spoons

If the eyes are swollen, help compress or massage with cold spoons. Put two teaspoons in the refrigerator for half an hour, remove and attach them to the closed eyes. It’s only 4-5 minutes. Such a compress will help increase blood circulation and remove the swelling of the eyes.


The skin around the eyes also needs water, like any other. If you do not already have a special cream for the skin around the eyes, it’s time to buy it. Choose a cream with moisturizing effect and apply it 10 minutes before going to leave the house.

Nasal and eyebrow massage

In order to give a cheerful look, do a little massage. With a middle and ring finger, lightly press down on the bridge of the nose for one minute. With your index finger, massage the edges of the eyebrows, and at the end, press two fingers on the bones that are under the eyes. And remember, the basis of all these tips is a good and healthy sleep. Not less than 8 hours a day. Be beautiful and healthy!

Chemical compounds contained in cosmetics cause skin and acne problems, as well as irritate our eyes and become the culprits for the appearance of barley.

Pencil, eyeliner and mascara prevent the supply of oxygen to skin a cell, which is why our eyes become inflamed, and under them there are bags and swelling.

It should also be noted that it is not recommended to apply eyeliner to the inner edge of the eyelids, because here are the meibomian glands that produce a tear secret.

As you see, if you do not want to have problems with the eyes, these habits should be avoided, no matter how harmless they might seem at first glance.

It is also recommended to be observed regularly with the oculist. This will help to detect problems in time.