The different types of Olive Oil

Olive oil is really beneficial to overall health. It helps to improve digestion, prevent cancer, reduce inflammation, and moisturize hair as it has polyphenol rich olive oil. There are many kinds of olive oils that have various purposes.

  • Extra-virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil is the best oil as it is normally extracted by the cold pressing process for avoiding natural content. In comparison to its virgin version, this oil has a decreased acidity content. There are maximum scents and flavors of olive oil which are original in nature. Extra virgin olive oil can be consumed or drunk without any other ingredients due to its numerous health benefits.

  • Virgin Olive Oil

Virgin Olive oil is an unrefined form of oil. Through the cold pressing way, this olive oil gives a natural kind of aroma and taste. It has a greater acidic content from 1 to 4 percent. The virgin olive oil resists the temperature. It is a mild flavor than the original one. This is appropriate for low-heat cooking.

  • Refined Olive Oil

This olive oil is made up of black and ripened olive fruits. The virgin olive oil present in it is responsible for treating colon cancer and other types of health issues. This form of olive oil is chosen as the best oil for cooking at high temperatures. The lite variety of this olive oil is better than the standard oil. The fats and calories in refined olive oil are similar to other oils.

  • Pure Olive Oil

This kind of olive oil is not just as it sounds. It is made by mixing extra virgin olive oil and refined oil. It is normally done due to the low quality of extraction. It is then mixed with a better quality of olive oil for example extra virgin and virgin olive oil to improve the quality. This oil provides Vitamin E and even improves the texture.

  • Olive Pomace Oil

Pomace olive oil is of the lowest quality. This olive oil is made up of the leftover residue after crushing the fruit. It is done by firstly pressing up the fruits and then in the residue the water and oil are leftover. When the oil and water are removed then the residue has some oil that can be recovered later. This oil is generated through waste only that’s why some amount of virgin oil is added so the texture could be enhanced.

Therefore these are the different types of olive oil that are recommended for health and skin aspects.