When to take a personal loan?


With the high cost of living and the slow economy, it is common for people to face financial difficulties. You may need extra money to buy things you need, to pay bills, or to cover emergency expenses.

Licensed money lenders are regulated by the Ministry of Law in Singapore to ensure that you do not engage in any illegal, dishonest activities. They offer a wide variety of loan products, from personal loans to business loans, giving borrowers more financial control over their needs – with faster approval times. Some loan services are also available to meet specific needs, such as marriage, renovation and working capital.

1-Goldstar Credit Pte Ltd

Goldstar Credit Pte Ltd first opened its doors in Hougang in 2009, and later before moving to Toa Payoh in Clementi.  He chose this convenient location in favor of those working in the city and in the Central Business District (CBD). With a high loan approval rate, they aim to reassure consumers about their transparent loans with no hidden costs and no collateral required. They also try to help people with bad credit at the moment, offering quick loan approvals in just 30 minutes!

2. Lending Bee Pte Ltd

Lending Bee Pte Ltd takes pride in providing personalized solutions with accessible loans to everyone in Singapore.  He was one of six selected by the Law Ministry to pilot a new business model for lending. Determined to push the boundaries forward, they digitize the lending process to enable consumers to offer the lowest prices and best rates.  With large capital backing, they can provide you with instant loans that meet your needs.

3. Avis Credit (SG) Pte Ltd

Founded in 2011, Avis Credit (SG) Pte Ltd is known as a reliable source of fast approval and flexible payment funds lending facility. Over the years, they have seen a rapid growth in their client base, reflecting their ability to offer a wide range of loan services at competitive rates. They take the time to understand each person’s concerns, knowing that each situation is unique. Thus, their professional loan officers are highly trained to analyze different needs and recommend the most suitable loan package.

4. Cash Mart Pte Ltd

 Founded in 1969, Cash Mart Pte Ltd has become a well-licensed lender in Singapore. Specializing in small cap express loans, their products are designed to provide people with responsible solutions to meet their daily financial needs and modern lifestyles. By turning concerns into solutions, they serve consumers who fall into the broader realm of the credit cycle – from small earners to industry professionals, all in need of financial relief.

5. IP Credit Pte Ltd

 With the aim of helping borrowers solve their financial problems, IP Credit Pte Ltd offers a variety of loans such as overseas loans, business loans, personal loans and payday loans. This means you don’t have to wait a month to get the cash you need!  In addition to the prompt loan disbursement process, they also demonstrate great responsibility by educating lenders about loan procedures and loan products for which they are signing up. Good at personal loan  in toa Payoh central

At IP Credit Pte Ltd, they welcome borrowers from a variety of backgrounds and professions to join their suite of financial solutions. providing only a smile for their service, they regularly attend seminars to ensure that they are aware of all lending principles.


A good money lender is licensed and understands how to help you with your needs – Raffles Credit is one of the most recognized and trusted lenders offering personal loans near Marine Parade.

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