4 Things That Start to Happen to Your Body as You Age

As much as we might like to believe that our bodies will last forever, the truth is that we all get older.  Part of aging means our body starts to change. Things start to move slower, parts of your body are less efficient than they used to be, and sometimes you get wrinkles in places you didn’t know you could be wrinkly. Make no mistake about it however, there are plenty of good things that come along with age too— like experience.  

Rather than resisting age, we should embrace it. One of the best ways to embrace it is to anticipate the changes that will arise. By preparing yourself for what’s ahead of you, you’ll be better equipped to handle the challenges that come with aging. Take a look at some of the most common things that start to happen to your body as you get older. 

Your Hearing Starts to Fade  

Most people’s hearing starts to fade after a certain age. Whether you used to listen to loud music or not, your ears are one of the first things that start to go.  As many as one out of three people over 65 suffer from hearing loss. So, it’s important that you try to protect your ears as much as possible when you’re younger to avoid damage. It may not seem like a big deal in your younger years, however, when you’re older and have trouble hearing and are required to wear a hearing aid, you might feel differently.

Your Hair Grays 

Some people start going gray as young as 30— or even 20. However, most people start to get a considerable amount of grays by the time they’re over 40. Gray hairs are simply a part of life and are in relation to the amount of melanin that your body produces. As you get older, your body’s melanin production decreases, resulting in gray hairs. 

Your Eyesight Weakens 

You’ll probably start noticing at a certain age that you have to squint to read. There is no shame in buying reading glasses! Just like your skin ages, so do your eyeballs. Although you can’t maintain 20/20 vision forever, you can take precautions like going to the eye doctor for regular checkups, and protecting your eyes from the sun and bright screens. The more you can protect your eyes when you’re younger, the less your eyesight will deteriorate when you’re older. 

You Lose Muscle 

Muscle loss is an inevitable part of aging. It’s important that you engage in some kind of strength training to ensure that you keep your body in good shape even when your muscles start to deteriorate.  By preparing yourself for the changes and leading a healthy lifestyle you’ll be equipped to embrace aging with grace!